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Christmas Decorations
santa's workshop Storefront
photo cut out santa and mrs claus red christmas

Santa's Workshop. Storefront for festive Christmas events with 3D elements to bring it to life. 12' t x 8' w. Qty - 1

Santa Thrones. Click Here to see our assortment of Big Chairs for Saint Nick.

Photo Cut Out - Santa & Mrs Santa. Get your picture taken as Mr and Mrs Claus! Red banner at the top for your own signage. Make a Xmas Card! 86" t x 42" w. Qty - 1

Christmas outdoor lighted decorations
christmas candle

Christmas trees artificial

Outdoor Decorations. Click Here to see more Christmas outdoor decor.
Candles. Click Here to see more Christmas candles and assessories.

Trees. Click Here to see more Christmas trees and assessories.

presents christmas
christmas pails buckets red and yellow

christmas ornaments

Presents and Stockings. Click Here to see more presents and stockings.
Christmas Pails. Red and yellow-green pails. Qty - 7
Christmas Ornaments. Click Here to see more ornaments.
christmas fireplace brick fake fire
christmas fireplace brick wood fire christmas

chimney fireplace brick wood mantel christmas

Fireplace. Brick with fake fire. Fire runs off standard 110v outlet. Assorted decor available for mantel. 42"w x 36"h x 21"d

Fireplace. Brick with wood mantel. Fake fire. Fire runs off standard 110v outlet. Assorted decor available for mantel. 59"w x 37"h x 20"d

Chimney facade. Designed to accent brick and wood fireplace. Red fake brick front and sides, traditional chimney shape above. Freestanding with 2 sections - each 3' wide x 8' tall.

santa's bag christmas presents sack decoration decor
pine garland christmas green

pine cones bags christmas

Santa Bag. Red velour with large white roping to cinch bag closed. Qty - 10
Pine Garland. Assorted lengths & styles. Qty - 3

Pine Cones. Assorted sizes. Qty - 4 bags

poinsettias red artificial fake flower christmas leave green
poinsettias white christmas flower

christmas heads santa heads

Poinsettias. Artificial, red. Qty - 3+
Poinsettias. Artificial, white. Qty - 4 Crates

Santa Heads. For decor or costume, wear over your head with mesh eyes. Qty - 3

christmas wreathy gold ribbon

Wood Sled. Approx. 30" long.
Decor Sleds. Approx. 18" long. Qty - 6+

Christmas Wreaths

bell wicker gold christmas decorations
brass horn gold metal christmas decorations

horns christmas gold yellow decorations

Bell. Gold wicker - approx. 12" tall. Qty - 1
Brass Horns. gold metal approx. 18" long. Qty - 1 box

Horns. Gold expanding to 30" long. Qty - 4

gingerbread house fake artificial faux christmas decoration decor brown holiday
gingerbread men decor christmas decorations

christmas bow red

Gingerbread House. Faux gingerbread - christmas decor. Qty - 1
Gingerbread Men. Decor. Qty - 6

Christmas Bows. Assorted sizes. Qty - 1 box

assorted nutcracker christmas
christmas billboard poster sign kids

christmas big book

Nutcrackers - assorted.
Christmas Billboard - 6' x 3'

Christmas Book - oversized book of children's Christmas story

oversized candle christmas red
christmas tablecloth
Decor Pillows. Christmas themed assorted. Qty - 5
Oversized Candle, red candle with dark green base
Christmas Tablecloth. Assorted others available. Qty -1
life size santa red hood
Life Size Santa - Wearing red velvet cape with hood, bends at the hip to carry his heavy bag of presents - 66" tall
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