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Oversized Props for Sale

These Oversized Props are available for purchase.  Although the samples in the photos are from our rental stock, we sell brand-new versions.  If you'd rather rent them, please see our Oversized Props Page


XL Powder Puff

This soft pink powder puff is perfect for those gags when someone yells, "Makeup!"  Hidden under the pink satin on the back is an elastic band to hold it securely on your hand.

Each one is made by hand.

tps105     $19.95

XL Fuzzy Dice

These fuzzy dice would be hanging from a VERY LARGE rear-view mirror!  Each is 12" big, with a foam filling, so they roll just right.
Each one is made by hand.

Perfect for that game of life-sized MonopolyŽ in your basement.

tps110    $44.95 each

XL Scissors

These scissors are real metal, cast aluminum for the look without the danger.   While they open and close beautifully, for safety's sake, they do not actually cut.  Most folk pre-rig the material.

36" long, and over a foot wide.

bfm100   $249.00


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