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Fake Drinks for Sale

Yes, all these drinks are fake and full-sized.  Most are in glass, but shatterproof acrylic is available where noted.

If you'd rather rent fake foods for short-term use, please visit our "Fake Foods" rental page.

To place an order, or ask for more information, please contact us by email or phone.

Click on any photo to see an enlarged view.

Fake cup of cocoa with minimarshmallows, on saucer
Fake cup of hot tea on saaucer, with wedge of lemon
Fake cup of hot coffee on saucer
Fake cup of cappucino with whipped cream and cinnamon, on saucer
Hot cocoa
Hot tea
Hot coffee

BB2157  $39.00ea

BB2144  $50.00ea

BB2110  $27.00ea

BB2117  $25.00ea

Fake cup of espresso on saucer, with twist of lemon and spoon
Fake mug of irish coffee, with whipped cream, straw
Fake pitcher and glass of lemonade, with ice, slices of lemon
Irish coffee
Lemonade or iced tea  pitcher 

BB2145$27.00 ea

BB2139  $40.00 ea

BB2441  $105.00 ea (regular or shatterproof)

Lemonade or iced tea glass 

BB2122  $43.00 ea (regular or shatterproof)

Fake pitcher of regular beer
Fake mug of amber beer
Fake pilsner glasses of dark beer and regular ber
Fake glass of cola, with ice and straw
Pitcher of beer
Mug of beer
Frosted glass of beer
Cola glass 
BB2339  $110.00ea regular or shatterproof

BB2111  $39.00ea
B2311  $44.00ea shatterproof

BB2158  $49.00ea
Pilsner or dark beer

BB2133  $44.00ea
regular or shatterproof

Fake decanter and snifter of brandy, in real glass.
Fake pitcher  and frozen margarita, in real glass
Fake pina colada in glass goblet with cherry, slice of pineapple, paper parasolpina colada
Brandy decanter
Margarita goblet 
Fancy bar drink
BB2204  $55.00ea BB2149  $48.00ea
(regular or shatterproof)
BB2178  $45.00ea
BB2106  $30.00ea
Brandy snifter
Margarita pitcher
Pina Colada (shown) Tequila Sunrise, Sangria BB2306  $39.00ea shatterproof
BB2103  $20.00ea BB2241  $98.00ea
(regular or shatterproof)
Fake carafe of red wine
Fake carafe of white wine
Fake white zinfandel wine in wineglass
Ffake pink champagne in real glass champagne flute
Wine carafe
Wine glass
Champagne flute

BB2135  $59.00ea
Red, white zinfandel, or  white wine

$29.00 ea.

BB2115 glass,
Red, white zinfandel, or white wine
Red or white only


BB2105 regular
BB2305 shatterproof


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