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Dinners and Take-out Foods To Buy

Yes, all these are fake and full-sized.  They are exactly as shown, with plate, spoon, garnish, etc.  Most of the foods on the plates are also available individually - please contact us for prices.

If you'd rather rent fake foods for short-term use, please visit our "Fake Foods" rental page.

To place an order, or request more information, please contact us by email or phone.

Click on any photo to see an enlarged view.

Fake complete salmon steak dinner on plate

Fake complete primerib dinner on plate

Fake complete steak dinner on plate

Fake complete bbq ribs dinner on plate

Salmon steak dinner
Prime Rib Dinner
Steak Dinner
Rib Platter
BB2024  $55.00 ea BB2022  $55.00 ea BB2094  $57.00 ea

BB2406  $79.00


Fake fettucini Alfredo dinner on plate

Fake angel-hair pasta with shrimp dinner on plate Fake platter of several sushi, complete with chopsticks, soy sauce bowl Container of fake chinese takeout, complete with chopsticks
Fettuccini Alfredo
Angel hair pasta with shrimp
Sushi platter
Chinese take-out

BB2049  $60.00 ea

BB2002  $65.00 ea

BB2021  $50.00 ea

BB2189  $27.00 ea


Fake hamburger plate, with French Fries and pickle, real plate

Fake hamburger sandwich, with tomato, lettuce

Fake cheeseburger sandwich with lettuce, tomato

Fake hot dog platter, iwht French Fries and whole pickle

Hamburger platter
Hot dog platter, with steak fries and whole pickle

$45.00 each

Steak fries only
$20.00/ pk of 18

$20.00 each

$22.00 each


(Hot dog only, $15.00 ea.)

Fake submarine sandwich Fake pizza slices with mushrooms and pepperoni
Fake roast turkey
Bowl of fake dogfood kibble
Sub sandwich
Pizza slice with mushrooms, pepperoni
Roast turkey
This is a full-sized fake roast turkey, made from resin, so it's got lots of detail and great color.
Dog food Bowl
(We're not encouraging you to eat dog kibble, but just couldn't decide where to best display it)

BB4538  $30.00

BB4550  $11.95 ea
BB4658    $7.95 ea. plain slice

BB4572  $115.00

BB2146  $15.00


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