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Hollywood Fun Gifts

Since we carry so many props for movies and tv, it seemed only fitting that we offer some Hollywood-themed gifts. No matter which industry you're in, these choices will brighten your life - and perhaps the dark corner of a table!

If you'd like more information, or would like to place an order, please contact us

Desk LampStage Light

Just right for a bedside, desk, or end-table, these charming lights will brighten your life. 

The Camera light will remind everyone of an old-time movie camera. 

The Stage light is reminiscent of the lights used on movie sets of old. It even has working "barndoors"!

Note: Currently, both styles are available only in black.

Both can be aimed and locked into position, with adjustable height.  Both are made from sturdy metal, are standard 110v., and come complete with lightbulb.  

Stage light
Camera light


Reproduction movie clapboard

Souvenir clapboard.  Still used today since the beginnings of  "talkies", these enable editors to precisely match the sound to the action, by providing a sharp snap sound with a visual image.

Ours are made from plastic with a working clapper.  You can write the name of your "production", "star", etc. with a paint marker. 11" x 11".

If you'd rather rent your clapboard, see our Movie rentals page



Photo frame like a clapboard

This delightful photo frame is designed for a 4" x 6" photo. It's clear plastic and has a brace to stand on its own. Not designed to hang on a wall.

hhp614                 $9.95


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