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We stock a variety of "Expendables", those supplies used by movie stylists, set dressers, and propmasters.  They're called "expendables" because it's OK to use them up.
You'll find them also great around your home, for repairs, landscaping, crafts, and school projects.

To place an order, request prices or a photo not shown, or ask other questions, please contact us by email or phone.

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Sprayglue # 76.  Made by 3M, this adhesive is similar to the popular #77, but with no overspray!  It sprays a web-like pattern right where you want it, so it's great for use in proptrucks, on set, and finishing that science fair project in the kitchen. $18.95 /
24 oz. can
3M Sprayglue 74 Sprayglue #74.  Made by 3M, this adhesive is great for gluing soft foam or fabric,  The bond stays flexible.  Like the #76, it has no overspray! $14.95 / 
24 oz. can
Novus #1  Plexi cleaner Novus  #1 Clean & Shine.  This spray cleaner cleans and polishes most plastic surfaces without scratching.  It leaves an anti-static film which repels dust and resists fogging. $5.25 / 
8 oz. pump-spray bottle
Novus #2 Plexi Cleaner Novus  #2 Fine Scratch Remover.  This lotion removes fine scratches, haziness, and abrasions from most plastic surfaces, and can restore many faded and discolored plastics.  It needs no rinsing. $6.75 / 
8 oz squeeze bottle
Novus #3  Plexi Cleaner Novus #3 Heavy Scratch Remover.  This lotion removes heavy scratches and abrasions from most acrylic and hard plastic surfaces.  It needs no rinsing, and must be used with Novus #2. $8.50 / 
8 oz squeeze bottle
EverBrite metal polish Ever-Brite metal polish.  This amazing cotton fluff is imbedded with cleaning magic.  It removes tarnish, corrosion, and rust from most metal surfaces without damage.  It works without water, and doesn't leave white residue in the crevices like liquid polishes.  Perfect for on-set use, or polishing your silver in front of the television. $3.65 / 
5 oz. can
Goo-Gone cleaner solvent Goo-Gone   This citrus-powered solvent cleans adhesive residue, grease, gum and tape from most surfaces.  It cleans like crazy, and  smells great! $3.79 / 
4 oz squeeze bottle
Cray-Away mark remover Cray-Away.  This cleaner uses the power of citrus to remove crayon, paint, ballpoint pen, and other marks from surfaces.  It works wonderfully, and smells like oranges! $3.79 / 
4 oz squeeze bottle
lighter fluid Ronsonol Lighter Fuel.  This little-known trade secret (actually created to refill old-style cigarette lighters) removes adhesive and tape residue from almost all surfaces without damaging the surface. $1.39 / 
5 oz squeeze bottle
  Polaroid Film # 600.  Enough said.  When you need it, you need it. $12.95 / pack of 10 pictures
Brick-Clip Brick-Clips.  These amazing little metal brackets hang paintings and objects on common red-brick walls without nails, holes, or glue.  Easy to adjust or remove.  Perfect for use on location, and absolutely fabulous for training vines outside.  
Size is determined by height of brick. Sold in packs of two.
$3.95 /pk standard size zinc
$4.29 / pair
standard size bronze
$4.49 /pk 
lg size bronze
  Poster Tape.  Made by 3M, this web-like tape is great for hanging paper items on painted sheetrock walls temporarily.   It removes without damage to the wall.   Also great for dorms!  About " wide by 4 yds. $3.99/
3.8m dispenser roll
  Removable Double-stick tape.  This amazing black foam tape will hold like crazy, then pull cleanly away from both surfaces when you remove it.  It doesn't split apart to leave residue on the wall.  At only 1/16" thick and " wide, it won't show. $31.95/ 
36yd. roll
workgloves Work gloves.  Split leather, for a easy-to-grip surface.  Sturdy enough to use every day. 
 Large size only.
$5.95 / pair
  Sash cord.  The "good stuff", with a solid cotton core, and a binding which won't unravel at the first use.  1/4" diameter. $11.95 /
100' hank
$8.95 /
50' hank
padlock Padlock, keyed.  Laminated, rust and corrosion resistant.  Hardened steel shackle, heavy layered steel body.  Great when you rent the truck but forget the lock.  Includes two keys. $5.95 ea.
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