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Tropical Props
Please check out our Tropical Gallery for more tropical prop pictures!
Tropical Volcano
Tropical tiki entrance
Tropical tiki hut roof

Volcano. Very large, transports in 6 pieces. Foliage rents separately. 11' t

Tiki Entrance. Fits around double ballroom doors. Comes in 5 sections, assembles with cable ties. (tikis not available). 9' wide x 8' tall x 2' deep

Tiki Hut.  Full-round, with easy access into interior.  Comes apart for transport or shipping. 4 sections of the hut, poles, roof support and thatch roofing. 30 minutes to assemble. 8' tall x 6' diameter

tropical coconut palm tree silk grass fiber 8 feet
tropical coconut palm tree silk fiber grass leaves 12 feet
banana palm tree tropical leaves green trunk fiber grass

12' Coconut Palm trees. Silk leaves, real palm fiber-wrapped trunk. Grass-covered base included. Base, support, sand bag, 2 part trunk, 10-12 leaves - approx. 10 minutes to assemble. 12' tall x 5" diameter trunk. Qty. 16

8' Coconut Palm trees. Silk leaves, real palm fiber-wrapped trunk, bendable trunk, grass-covered base. Base, trunk, 10-12 leaves - approx. 10 minutes to assemble. 8' tall x 4" diameter trunk. Qty. 5
Banana Palm tree. Silk leaves, large single frond leaves, realistic fiber trunk.  Grass-covered base included. Base, trunk, 10-12 leaves take approx. 10 minutes to assemble. 9' tall x 3" diameter trunk Qty. 7
date palm tree tropical
tropical foliage
tropical flowers bromeliads

Date Palms. very natural looking trunk, hard coated, smaller silk leaves with molded fitting base. 7' tall x 5" diameter trunk. Qty. 2

12 Fan Palms / Tropical foliage. Palm fiber wrapped trunks, silk leaves. Sand covered base included with metal bolt for trunk. 6' tall. Qty. 12

Tropical Flowers. Bromeliads, Assorted others. 12" - 24" tall. Qty - 50+
tropical net fake crab turtle lobster
tropical white wood life guard chair beach

life ring tropical white canvas white rope

Fish Nets. Assorted white, dingy grey, dark green
Life Guard Chair. Wood replica of old-fashioned beach chair. 8' tall.

Life Ring. White canvas over floatable core with white rope and trim. Traditional Style. 2' diameter.

wood lounge chair striped tropical
surfboard white yellow tri fin tropical beach

surfboard teal blue tropical beach real tri-fin

Wood Lounge Chairs. (Qty - 4) Striped fabric with adjustable heights. 5'+ long.
Surfboard. Real, tri-fins. 7' long

Surfboard. Real, damaged. 6.5' long

tropical umbrella beach white canvas
tropical umbrella beach white red stripe canvas

tropical umbrella beach rainbow

Umbrella. Classic Beach Umbrella with clean white canvas and white ash pole. 8' tall. Qty. 12
Umbrella. Beach umbrella with base to simulate stuck in sand. 6' tall

Umbrella. Beach Umbrella with adjustable top. 8' tall

tropical beach ukelele music instrument stringed
tropical tiki statue carved wood

tropical camp fire simulated silk

Ukelele. Real, working frets. 21.5" long x 6.5" wide x 2.5" deep
Tiki Statues. Carved wood, great detail. 40" h x 8"d

Camp Fire. Simulated fire with "silk" fire and blower. Plugs to basic 110v power. 18" tall - Base is 33" x 33"

tropical water fountain waterfall
tropical waterfall plants realistic
tropical pirate scene palm tree ship backdrop treasure chest
Tropical Fountain. Foliage and camo netting rents separately.
Tropical Waterfall. Large Boulders rent separately.
Click here for Pirate/Nautical Theme Props
tropical western crates barrels kegs casks wooden
parrot tropical birds

tropical treasure chest brown

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