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Treasure Chests

large treasure chest wood trunk vintage padlock skeleton key latches brown
treasure chest wood trunk
treasure chest light wood brown
Large Treasure Chest. Wood arched-top trunk includes vintage padlock & skeleton key and dual working trunk latches.
32" w x 18" d x 24" tall
Treasure Chest. Wood arched-top trunk with metal decoupaged pattern on outside with inside tray, dual working trunck latches. No key. 26" w x 15" d x 18" tall

Treasure Chest. Light wood. 21" wide

chest treasure trunk fiberboard lightweight brown dark
treasure chest stone

black treasure chest engraved carving carved skull black

Treasure Trunk. Fiberboard, light weight.
18" w x 13" d x 22" tall

Treasure Box . Very decorative stone box. 10" w x 7"d x 9"tall

Treasure Chest. Engraved skull on lid. Black

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