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Rugs and Carpeting - Rentals Division

These items are available for rental for a day, a week, a month - whatever you need.  

To reserve props or ask questions, please contact us by email or phone.  We'll want to know what items you're interested in, how long you'll need the items, and where you are located.

For more information about our rental policies, check our Rental Terms/FAQ  and Ordering Information

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Acrylic Pile Rugs

  1 Hotel throw rug. "Sheraton." White letters, light brown background. Good condition. 20" x 35" 1970's
  1 Throw rug, with end fringe. Navy. Good condition. 36" x 60" 1960's +
shag rug
1 Area rug, with end fringe. Champagne color. Medium-long pile. Long fringe on ends. Old rubber backing is flaking off. Good condition. 66" x 97" 1970's
1970's area rug
1 Area rug. Earthtones in undulating curves. Good condition. 41" x 70" 1970's
  1 Area rug. Medium green. Loosely (badly) bound edge. Good condition. 66" x 60" 1950's

Braided Rugs

  1 Rag braided, oval. Grey, red, white. Good condition. 22" x 34" 1920-50's
  1 Rag braided. Pastel multicolor oval. Excellent condition. 36" x 60" traditional
Rag-braided rug
1 Rag braided. Bright multicolor oval. One side has been scenically aged; one side is like-new. Excellent condition. 49" x 69½" traditional
Rag-braided rug
1 Rag braided. Bright multicolor oval. Some seams need repair, but otherwise in excellent condition. 72" x 108" traditional
  1 Rag braided. Greens, ivory oval. Some seams need repair, but braids are in very good condition. Fair condition. 110" x ______ 1950-60's
Pink braided rug
1 Rag-braided. Pink border, pink/white center. Rectangle. Good condition. 29" x 56" 1939-50's
Navy blue braided rug 1 Rag-braided. Navy, red, _____. Good condition. 36" x 50" 1939-50's
Braided rug
1 Yarn braided. Brown, green, orange. Good condition. 11'1" x 8'4" 1950- 60's
Charcoal braided rug
1 Yarn & rag braided. Charcoal, red, off-white. Fair condition. 30" x 1960's
Black and tan braided rug
1 Yarn braided. Black, tan, pale yellow. Good condition. 62" x 99"" 1960's
Braided rug
1 Yarn braided. Brown, rust, gold. Some seams need repair. Good condition. 11' x 8' 1960-70's
Blue braided rug
1 Yarn-braided rug. Blues and ivory. Good condition. 29½" x 49" 1970's
Green yarn-braided rug
1 Yarn-braided rug. Various greens and ivory. Excellent condition. 62" x 99" 1970's


Beige area rug
1 Dark beige acrylic even-cut pile. Bound edges. Excellent condition. 12'x 12' 1970's +
Ivory area rug
1 Ivory acrylic even-cut pile. Excellent condition. 12'x 10' 1970's +
  1 Grey tweedy short-pile. Some small slits cut for electrical cord pass-through.    
Red rug
1 Red carpet rectangle. Dark red even-pile carpeting. (Not runner) Excellent condition. 7'2½'" x 12' any
Red rug 1 Red carpet rectangle. Dark red even-pile carpeting . May be slightly off-square. (Not runner). Excellent condition. 7'5" x 12' any
  4 Red carpet runner. acrylic pile. Good condition. 3'x 12' any
  1 Red carpet runner. acrylic pile. Good condition. 3' x 25' any

Hand-loomed Rugs

  1 Blue, white rags woven w/white strings. End fringe. Excellent condition. 32" x 36" 1940s - 1980s+
  1 Muslin cloth woven with blue, maroon, tan strings. Excellent condition. 21"-x 40" 1970's+
  1 Haitian cotton. Light green, peach, off-white. Reverse to Charcoal, rust, offwhite. End fringe. Excellent condition. 63" x 41" 1980's+
  1 Haitian cotton. White, pale green, pink, peach. (very faded or bleached) End fringe. Good condition. 29" x 45" 1980's+
green striped rug
1 Haitian cotton. Dark green, peach, maroon, and burgundy. Ikea-style. Excellent condition. 57" x 90" 1980's +
Pink hand-loomed rug
1 Plush cotton. Dark pink. End fringe. Good condition. 47" x 29" 1980's+
Palm leaf rug
1 Palm-leaf rug. Chevron pattern. Not square - sides bulge out. Very stiff. Good condition. 42" x 46" any
Sisal rug
3 Sisal rugs. Chevron pattern. Natural color. Excellent condition. 69½" x 106"
70½" x 108½"
70½" x 106"
Sisal rug
1 Sisal rug. No pattern. One side is newer, without marks, than other side. Good condition. 105" x 141" 1990's

Hooked (Punch-needle) Rugs

  1 Navy with burgundy. Handmade; not finished (some sections still unhooked). Cotton. Good condition. 23" x 38" 1930's +
  1 Pale floral, with black border. Wool. Good condition. 30" x 52" 1930's +
  1 Pale floral, with black border. Oval. Wool. Fair condition. 26" x 52" 1930's +
1 Mauve floral. Worn edges. Wool. Fair condition. 23" x 35" 1930's +
Hooked rug with raised areas
1 Pale floral with black border, large center oval. Some raised pile. Wool. Good condition. 43" x 67½" 1930's +
Hooked rug
1 Pale floral with black border, small motif in center. Good condition. 42" x 66" 1940's - 1950's
hooked rug
1 Pale floral with beige background. Several stains, one hole. Cotton. Fair condition. 47" x 70" 1930's +


  1 Area "rug". Printed pattern, including floral border. In pieces, needs repair. Poor condition. 9' x 12' 1930 - 50's
  1 Hallway runner, uncut. Printed pattern with border. Note: Do not cut lengths shorter than six feet. Excellent condition. 24" x 60' or so 1930 - 50's
  1 Woodgrain "plank" vinyl flooring. Excellent condition. 10½' x ___ 1980's +

Oriental and Short-pile Rugs

  1 Oriental, cotton. Navy, with maroon. Runner. Good condition. 2'8" x ____ traditional
Rug with bare middle
1 Oriental, wool. Navy border, once-beige interior. All of beige area is worn down to backing. Poor condition. 8'10" x 11'4" 1930's - 1940's
Mauve floral rug runner 1 Oriental, cotton. Pastel colors. Peach border with ivory center. Peach and navy floral design. 5' 9" x 8' traditional
Black oriental rug
1 Oriental, wool. Black, with gold, burgundy. Good condition. 5'5" x 7'5" traditional
Rug with gold squares
1 Oriental, wool. Pale gold squares, with,dark red and ivory accents. Good condition. 6'6" x 9'2" traditional
Big floral rug
1 Oriental, wool. Navy border, burgundy background, with persian and floral motifs. Many areas worn bare. "Caliph rug by Mohawk Carpet Mills, Amsterdam, NY. 120-99. Size before hemming: 9 x 12. Reg. 1439." Fair condition. 8'9" x 12' traditional
Art Noveau rug
1 Floral motifs in corners and scattered. Taupe patterned background with Art Noveau motifs. Has a few stains. Made from narrow panels. "Develons Royal Pamira". Closeup View. 8'10" x 11'9" 1920's
Floral rug
1 Floral, wool. Ivory, with light blue, light brown. Heavily worn in spots. Fringed ends. Fair condition. 8'10" x 11'8" traditional
Axminster throw rug
2 Axminster-style. Maroon and white throw rug. Some small bare spots. Fair condition. 44" x 27" 1930 - 1940's
Floral rug, beige
1 Axminster -style. Floral on dark beige background. One area is slightly yellowed. "Alexander Smith Tru-Tone Carpets and Rugs." Good condition. 8'11" x 11'5½" 1930 - 1940's
Contemporary rug
1 Contemporary, wool. Ivory, mauve, light blue diagonal stripes. Stains. Fair condition. 8'8" x 5'10" 1980's

"Pot Holder" & Crocheted Rugs

Yellow potholder rug
1 "Pot holder" style. Yellow and white. Good condition. 28" x 44½" 1920-50's
Blue potholder rug
1 "Pot holder" style. Navy, Pink, White. Good condition. 23" x 52" 1920 - 1950's
Crocheted rug
1 Crocheted rug. Cotton. Faded black, pink, white. Shape-shifting. Good condition. 28" x 37" 1910 - 1950's

Unclassified (None of the above)

Green rug
1 Indoor-outdoor area rug. Dark green, with plaid pattern. Needs good brushing or shampooing. Good condition. 70" x 96" 1970-s 1980's




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