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Projectors: Movies & Slide - Rentals Division

These items are available for rental for a day, a week, a month - whatever you need.  

To reserve props or ask questions, please contact us by email or phone.  We'll want to know what items you're interested in, how long you'll need the items, and where you are located.

For more information about our rental policies, check our Rental Terms/FAQ  and Ordering Information

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Movie Projectors

8mm projector
1- Revere 8mm movie projector, portable. Model 85 with original case, brown hammer finish, untested, 1940's. needs take-up reel
15" tall x 9" deep x 8" wide
8mm Projector
1 Bell&Howell 356A, portable, Super 8mm, with carrying case, needs take-up reel. 1970's 12" wide x 10" tall x 9" deep (closed)
16mm EIKI Projector
1- EIKI SSL-0 3580 16mm movie projector. Model 3580 Bell & Howell used in education, industry, and home, working, has cover. needs take-up reel. 1970's

14½" w x 12" tall x 8" deep (closed)

CRT Projector
1 - Zenith Pro 851x CRT Projector. Used in Home Theatres and Sports Bars to beam movies and TV's on Screens. 1980's - 1990's.
31" deep x 25"wide x 10" high
Film Viewer
  1 - Baia 8mm Film Viewer. Used to cut & splice 8mm film
12" wide x 10"deep x 9" tall

Slide Projectors



Transparency and Opaque projectors

  1 - Overhead Transparency projector. Elmo EV-308, Putty-colored
23" deep x 22"wide x 18" tall
  1 - TDC Model 260 Projector-View
9" deep x 8" wide x 14" tall

Projector Screens


  Wall-hung screens 1960's - 70's


  Free-standing screens 1960's - 70's






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