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Medieval Village Props

medieval village barrels kegs casks crated wood wire

burlap bag stores medieval pirate western nautical village

crates baskets bag

Barrels and Kegs - from 18in to 37in tall.

click here for more barrels and kegs

Burlap Bags - Ship Stores Bags for supplies and staples.

Bushel Baskets - tub style, woven wood

Crates - bare wood slats with wire "hinges"


food cart fruits vegetables breads fake foods wagon wheel market medieval village

breads fake foods loaves buns medieval village market

Fruits and Vegetables

Food Cart


market cart

tree limb

wood cart market medieval village

Market Cart - Dark Walnut Wood, 6ft w x 4ft d x 3ft h
Tree Limb Cart

Wood Cart - with wagon wheels

milk pail medieval village

Step Stool Milk footstool white cloth wood

Yellow Milk Pail

Butter Churn - about 3ft tall, wood with black stripes

Step Stool - white cloth

basket wicker medieval village market

basket wicker medieval village market

picnic baskets medieval village market

Wicker Baskets - assorted styles and sizes

Wicker Baskets - assorted styles and sizes

Picnic Baskets - assorted styles and sizes

tree hardwood indoor topiary foliage indoor office potted trees medieval village market

town well medieval village

Trees - potted - 5ft to 6ft tall

Town Well - Deluxe, with spouts

Town Well - Lower the bucket style, faux stone with wood top

ice boulders white rock


boulders granite rock

Ice Boulders


Boulders and Large Rocks - granite/sandstone look, carved styrofoam, up to 8ft tall

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