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Fireplaces and Accessories
fireplace mantel wood metal fire screen log tops with fake fire
fireplace mantel styrofoam logs fake flame
fireplace mantel wood
Fireplace. Brick fireplace with Wood mantel, Sliding metal fire screen, log tops with fake fire (light bulb). 59"w x 37"h x 20"d
Fireplace. Brick fireplace and mantel enclosed. Comes with 2 styrofoam logs and fake flame. Flame is colored fabric with blower and light. 110 electric. 42"w x 36"h x 21"d
Fireplace. Wood fireplace with mantel. Accessories optional. 48"w x 43"h x 9"d
fireplace mantel wood vintage cardboard
fireplace chimney fake brick

fireplace tools tong broom shovel poker brass

Wood Fireplace Mantel. Vintage look, light weight with cardboard back. 47"w x 53"h x 9"d

Chimney facade. Designed to accent brick and wood fireplace. Red fake brick front and sides, traditional chimney shape above. Freestanding with 2 sections - each 3' wide x 8' tall. 72"h x 36"w x 6"

Brass Firepace Tools . Tongs, Broom, Shovel, and Poker 31"h x 8"w x 8"d

fireplace brass screen peacock fan

brass log carrier claw logs brass carrier

fireplace logs foam fake styrofoam

Brass Peacock Fireplace Screen. Folds up and locks in place, fans out to either side from the middle. 22"h x 38"w x 6"d

Brass Log Carrier. Claw feet with or without logs.24"w x 12"h x 16"d

Logs. Pictured in Log carrier, real wood. Qty - 3 22" l approx.

Logs. Faux Logs, made from styrofoam - made to fit brick fireplace above. Qty - 3. 22" l approx.



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