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Egyptian Props
egyptian props sarcophagus queen red gold green leaf mummy
egyptian props sarcophagus pharoahe pharoah king gold mummy brown red green leaf
egyptian props sarcophagus white case blue red gold
Sarcophagus. Brown case, with red, green, and gold leaf accents. Painted to resemble Queen. Hinged lid. 75" h x 21"w x 19"d Hollow inside.
Sarcophagus. Brown case, with red, green, and gold leaf accents. Painted to resemble Pharoah. Hinged lid. 75" h x 21"w x 19"d Hollow inside.

Sarcophagus. White case with white, gold, blue and red accents. Separate lid. 72"h x 28"w x 16"d Close up of head.

egyptian props anubis fiberglass gold pedestal black metal poles
Anubis Guard guardian statue

egyptian props guard guardian statue fiberglass gold

Anubis. Elegant fiberglass anubis sitting on gold pedestal with black metal frame base and carrying poles. The anubis and pedestal are 60"h x 52" l x 22" w. The poles running through the pedestal are 10' long. 72" h x 74" l x 32" w

Anubis Guard

Guardian Statue. Fiberglass guard is an excellent companion to the anubis or sarcohagus. 70"h x 27" l x 16" w

egyptian table sofa bench

egyptian props thrones regal desert oasis

pyramid egyptian luan props

Egyptian Sofa Table

Throne (Qty - 2) - XL Regal Thrones fit for King & Queen. 62" tall x 28"w x 32"d

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Pyramid. Luan sides - weighs approx. 25 lbs. 42"h x 36"w x 36" d

egyptian props sphinx foam

egyptian props fiberglass gold sphinx

egyptian props palm tree fiber leaves green truck

Sphinx. Carved out of foam, reminiscent of the Valley of the Kings. 16"h x 27" l x 12" w

Sphinx. light weight fiberglass. 27"h x 49" l x 16" w

Palm Trees. Fiber Palm Trees with individual palm leaves (back row of trees) as typical in Egypt. 8' tall or 12' tall

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egyptian props feather ostrich fan white peacock gold pole

egyptian props royal litter metal poles

egyptian props columns gold

Feather Fans (Qty - 4). White Ostrich and Natural Peacock Feathers. Gold Pole. (See Close-up of Fan Detail.) 8' tall x 26" wide

Litter. Royal Litter to be carried in by Servants with metal poles. 8' long.

Columns (Qty - 2). Bright Gold Columns - Also available in 24" or 36" heights. 6' tall x 18" diameter

brass candlestick egyptian gold

egyptian props large gold bowl tassel

egyptian props long neck vase floral gold

Egyptian Decor (Qty 2) - Brass Candlesticks. 18" tall

Egyptian Decor. Large Gold bowl with tassels. 10"h x 13"w x 11" d

Egyptian Decor. Long Neck vase with floral etched pattern. 11"h x 4"w x 4"d

egyptian props vase floral gold etching

egyptian decor vase pharoah plastic

egyptian decor vase earth tone ceramic

Egyptian Decor. Vase with intricate floral etching. 12"h x 4"w x 4"d

Egyptian Decor - Vase with pharoah pattern - plastic. 9"h x 3"w x 3"d

Egyptian Decor (Qty 2) - Vases with earth tones. 12"h x 6"d

egyptian decor gold platters

egyptian goblet brass

plastic goblet gold egyptian

Egyptian Decor (Qty 2) - Gold Platters. 13" diameter

Egyptian Decor (Qty 6) - Brass Goblets. 7" tall

Egyptian Decor (Qty 8) - Plastic Goblets. 8" tall

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