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Clocks - Rentals Division

These items are available for rental for a day, a week, a month - whatever you need.  

To reserve props or ask questions, please contact us by email or phone.  We'll want to know what items you're interested in, how long you'll need the items, and where you are located.

For more information about our rental policies, check our Rental Terms/FAQ  and Ordering Information

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Photos coming soon! Check back here, or contact us with your specific needs, and we'll send you photos.


Alarm Clocks


1 Westclox. Dark green plastic case, with cracked plastic crystal. Electric-powered.

5" x 5" x 2"d



1 Big Ben. Ivory metal case, with gold edge. Brown face. Phosphorescent numbers.

5"w x 43/4"h x 2"d



1 Baby Ben. White metal case with gold rim. Face slightly faded.

3" diam. x 3"h



1 Equity. Woodgrain rounded triangle shape. Phosphorescent dots.

7" x 5"h x 2"d


Table Clocks


1 Sunbeam. Mantel clock. Wood, with traditional humped "snake-swallowed-an-elephant" shape. New reproduction.

17"w x 7"h x 3"d

1920's +


1 Kundo. Freestanding clock in round clear plastic dome. Black and gold, with flowers. Arabic numerals. "Anniversary Clock".

7" diam. x 11"h



1 Kundo. Gold with oval clear glass dome. "Anniversary Clock". Contemporary styling.

9"w x 9"h x 6"d



1 Plymouth. Mantel clock.



1 No name. Mantel clock. Reproduction. "Quartz".

12"x 3" x 5"h

1930's traditional

Travel Clocks


1 Westclox. Brown colored plastic, with sliding tamboured lid. Phosphorescent dots.

2" x 3"h x 1"d



1 Semca. Three-fold style. Dark beige, with gold edge trim. Phosphorescent numbers.

open: 3" x 3" x 3"h



1 Elgin. Three-fold style. Red with silver edge trim. Phosphorescent dots.

open: 3" x 3"h x 3"d



1 Advance. White plastic with 2 sliding covers. Digital face.

open: 3" x 1 "h x"d


Wall Clocks: Office/Industrial/School


2 Telechron. Brown fiberboard case, glass crystal.

15" diam x 3"d



1 Simplex. Grey hammered metal case, glass crystal. (Face is yellowed)

14" diam x 3"d



7 DuKane. Silver ridged metal case, plastic crystal. Fits on side-mount bracket below.

14" diam x 4'/2"d



1 American. Grey metal case, glass crystal.



1 Standard. Aluminum case, silver face. No crystal. Works.

14" diam x 2" d



1 Spartus. Black plastic case, yellowed plastic crystal.

14" diam x 3"d

1960's +


1 Latham. Black metal case, glass crystal.

14" diam x 3" d

1970's +


24 Ingraham. Brown plastic case, plastic crystal.

14" diam x 2"d

1970's +


1 Ingram. Yellow painted plastic case, plastic crystal. Used to be a school clock.

14" diam x 3"d



6 Seth Thomas. Brown plastic case, plastic crystal.

14" diam x 2"d

1970's +


1 Howard Miller. Black plastic case, plastic crystal.

13" diam x 2"d



5 Side-mount bracket for Dukane wallclock. Allows clocks to project from wall at right angle.

14" diam x 1"d, plus bracket



1 DuKane. Master clock for clock systems. Installs into wall. Non-functional.

20"w x 30"h

1960's +

Wall Clocks: Residential


1 Telechron. Black square with gold-painted filigree plastic case, gold paper face. 3'/2" square plastic crystal. Numerals outside crystal.

7" x 7" x 2"d



1 Sunbeam. Black and white round, with silver rim. All plastic, with glass face.

9" diam x 2"d



1 Trend. Maple case, with miniature shelf below clock. Early American style, with Roman numerals on clock face. Works

7"w x l6"h x 4"d



1 Spartus. Many-colored daisies on yellow enamel plate.

10" diam. x 3"d



1 Westclox. Yellow gate-look plastic case, with plastic crystal.

7"w x 8"h x 2"d



1 Westclox. Copper case, glass crystal.

7" diam x 3"d



1 United. Sunburst shape. Black wood & gold metal rays, gold face.

30" diam x 4"d (6" diam face)



1 Spartus. Brown plastic picture-frame-like case, plastic square crystal.

9" x 9" h x 2"d



1 Billiard balls and set-up triangle. Non-crystal.

13"w x 11"h x 1"d



1 Verichron. Black face, and white case. Kitchen-style clock. Non-crystal.

9" diam x 2"d


Cuckoo Clocks


1 No name. Medium-dark wood, with carved bird and leaf motifs. Plastic face. Made in Germany.

9"w x 14"h x 6"d (plus pendulums)

1940's traditional


1 Mi-Ken. Dark wood, with carved bird and leaf motif. Plastic face. Clock has been rigged to "cuckoo" manually. Made in Japan.

11"w x 14"h x 7"d (plus pendulums)

1960's traditional




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