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City Street Props
bus stop ben city streets white
park bench wood city streets cast iron sides
park bench wood city streets cast iron sides

Bench, Bus Stop - Grey concrete looking bench with 2'x3' white sign board. Qty. 2

Bench, Park - Ornate cast iron sides with continuous wood slats, 48"w x 18"d x 28"h. Qty.3

Bench, Park - Simplistic cast iron sides with continuous wood slats, 48"w x 18"d x 28"h. Qty.4

streets park bench wood slats cast iron green blue
newspaper rack city streets black wire convenience store

newspaper magazine stands city streets black wire

Bench, Park - Continuous wood slats, cast-iron sides. Dark green-blue wood slats, 72" x 18" x 28"h. Qty. 3

Newspaper Rack - convenience store style, wire, holds 3 papers

Newspaper Racks - black wire

city streets traffic barriers
chain link fence fencing metal silver city streets
city street pedestrian control barrier metal traffic
Traffic Barriers - 72in x 46in tall (set of 4) Aged on 1 side - Not aged on the back
Fence Units - Chain link fence sections, 10'x6' sections
Control Barrier - 8ft long
fire hyrant red real city streets
fire hydrant fake red city streets
city street fire extinguisher cabinet

Fire Hydrant - red, real

Fire Hydrant - red, fake, 24" h x 12" w

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

atlanta gas company meter city streets metal

sprague gas meter city streets metal industrial

city streets mailbox with USPS logo red drop mail door steel mailbox

Gas meter. Atlanta Gas Light Co.

Gas Meter - Industrial, Sprague model

Mailbox - street corner style. steel with drop mail door. Blue with USPS logo
newspaper stand city streets blue plastic
newspaper stand brown plastic citystreets city streets and

citystreets city streets parking meter grey

Newspaper Stand - blue plastic, no coin box
Newspaper Stand - brown plastic, no coin box

Parking Meter - grey, freestanding

city street sandwich board sign freestanding easel green
stand alone signpost sign posts post metal base

citystreets city streets sign traffic no parking red white

Sandwich Board - Freestanding easel sign. Green, plain rectangle, two-sided
Stand Alone Signposts - metal, with plate metal base for stability, 3/8" holes on 1" centers. Qty 8

Sign, No Parking - white with red border. Click here & here for more Street Signs.

citystreets city streets lights streetlight victorian gas
street light streetlight victorian gas light look

city streets traffic light pole

Street Lights - 8 ft, Victorian-style gas lights with optional street sign brackets. Click here for more Streetlights.
Street Light - 8 ft, Victorian-style gas light with 4" steel pole, large wood base, and 20" tall lamp head. Click here for more Streetlights.

Traffic Light pole - 8 ft. pole, ready to plug and play. Sequencer programmed to change from green to yellow to red.

citystreets city streets caution yellow traffic
citystreets city streets gas pump vintage

citystreets city streets gas pump rusty vintage

Caution Light
Gas Pump - vintage

Gas Pump - rusty, vintage

citystreets city streets gas pump p
citystreets city streets gas pump hose black rusty
citystreets city streets post office box blue
Gas Pump Parts
Gas Pump Hose

Post Office Box - blue

citystreets city streets telephone booth silver
citystreets city streets pay phone pedestal cabinets blue
trash can hard plastic swinging lid tan
Telephone Booth - silver
Pay Phones - Pedestal Cabinets
Trash Can - plastic with swinging lid. Click here for more trash cans
citystreets city streets water fountain
city street turnstiles green
eiffel tower city street
Water Fountain
Turnstiles - Perey steel turnstiles for crowd control. Dark green accent color, stand alone or together in units.

Eiffel Tower - 7 ft. tall

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