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Carnival and Circus Props
carnival circus carousel horse wooden
carnival circus strong man game fake hammer
carnival circus distorted mirror distortion fun house

Carousel Horse - Stands alone with pole on a wooden base. 5' long x 6' h x 18" d

Carnival Strong Man Game - fake hammer - can pull the ringer from back to ring the bell. 8' tall

Distortion Mirrors - Fun House, Carnival, one top to bottom, one side to side. 55" tall x 25" w

circus carnival tub bull elephant wooden center ring stands

carnival circus photo op cut out children lion tamer

Circus Bull Stands - Ready for the Center Ring - 3 stands for elephants and more.

Photo Cut Out for Adults - Lion Tamer for 2 friends

Photo Cut Outs - Kids- One with a Lion Tamer, One for 3 friends. 48" tall x 32" w

carnival circus cannon
carnival circus oak cask barrels wooden

carnival circus barrel whiskey pine wood black

Circus Cannon- Mounted on rolling platform

Barrels (casks) Oak casks - aged appearance (Qty - 2). 43" h

Barrels (whiskey) - stained pine barrels of various colors (Qty - 20). 30"h x 19"d

carnival circus ticket booth wooden
carnival circus strong man barbell black

carnival circus ticket booth panel front brown

Ticket Booth - stand alone unit. 8' tall

Classic Strong Man Barbell - weighs less than 10 lbs.. 5' w

Ticket Booth - 2 or 3 panels wide, each panel approx. 4' wide. 8' tall

carnival circus camel sylvester
carnival circus giraffe animal head neck

carnival circus popcorn machine

Camel - Sylvester highlights any event, available with rolling platform, must be transported in closed truck. 7' tall x 9' long

Giraffe - from the neck up pair of giraffes - great for looking over a ledge. 6' h

Popcorn Machine - make your own popcorn with this machine

carnival circus calliope pipes front cover colorful


carnival circus popcorn bag red and white stripe

Calliope - fake calliope pipes with colorful front cover - 2 pcs. 6' w x 3' h


Popcorn Bags - proper circus eats

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