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Outdoor Christmas Decorations
santa's workshop Storefront
reindeer christmas outdoor decoration decor lighted
Christmas outdoor lighted decorations

Santa's Workshop. Storefront for festive Christmas events with 3D elements to bring it to life. 12' tall x 8' wide. Qty - 1

Reindeer. Lighted pair, male head up 62"h x 36"l, female head down 30"h x 45"l, sturdy wire construction

Santa. Lighted, with stand, 48"h x 24"w, wire construction. Qty - 1

snowman lighted with stand christmas outdoor decor

north pole sign lighted sign directional wire outdoor christmas

Snowman. Lighted, with stand, 48"h x 24"w, wire construction Qty -1

Gift Boxes. Lighted, 3 individual boxes, 18"h, 15"h, 12"h, wire construction

North Pole sign. Lighted directional sign, 36"h x 24"w, wire construction Qty - 1

snowman lighted wire outdoor christmas

christmas string lights bulbs c9 lights colored strands christmas

Santa. Lighted, with stand, 20 "h x 16"w, wire construction Qty - 1

String Lights. Colored C9 lights, 2 - 29ft strands, 2 - 24ft strands Qty - 4


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