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Books & Paperwork

These items are available for rental for a day, a week, a month - whatever you need.  

To reserve props or ask questions, please contact us by email or phone.  We'll want to know what you're interested in, how long you'll need it, and where you are.

For more information about our rental policies, check our Rental Terms/FAQ  and Ordering Information

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Books - Faux - no insides

Law Books

Fake Law Books - rented by the foot - sections of 12" wide, 18" wide, and 24" wide.


Law Books for rent

Fake Law Books - in various colors up to 36' of just law books for your film or stage library.


Law Books for rent

Fake Law Books - made with your set movers in mind



Fake Law Books - simple and convenient


IRS Code Books

Fake Books - Legal or Accouning - IRS Code Books


Encycopedia Americana

Fake Books - Encylopeida Americana

2' w

Funk and Wagnall

Fake Books - Funk & Wagnall
18" w


law books

Law Books - various sets and colors - approx. 40' feet of shelf space - Hard Back  
  Law Books - various sets and colors - approx. 36' feet of shelf space - Soft Covers  
Encylopedia - Set of World Books Encyclopedia  

Books - Textbooks

textbook math
Books - Class Set of HS Geometery text books - 29 books in set  

social studies textbook

Books - Class Set of HS Socias Studies text books - American History - 30 books in set  


national geographic magazines
National Geographics - Various years availble - approx. 12' feet of shelf space  




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