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Residential Props - Rentals Division

These items are available for rental for a day, a week, a month - whatever you need.  

To reserve props or ask questions, please contact us by email or phone.  We'll want to know what you're interested in, how long you'll need it, and where you are.

For more information about our rental policies, check our Rental Terms/FAQ  and Ordering Information

Images coming soon! Check back here, or contact us if you're looking for something specific. We'll email you photos.







Champagne Buckets

  1 Traditional "loving cup" style Silverplate. 8¼"diam x 9½"h 1990's+


  5 Wood coasters in carved wood box. "Aloha Hawaii." Five round coasters in box. Rents as unit. 2¾" diam. coast.

3½"d x 2"h box

  8 Terry sleeve coasters in original box. "Hi-Jacs". Eight different colors. Rents as unit. 6½" x 3`/4" x 1" 1950's
  1 Billiards table coasters and holder, miniature. Holds eight square wooden coasters. Wood with felt, plastic accents. Rents as unit. coaster: 3¼" x 3¼"

set: 9" x 5¼" x 2¼"h

  4 Plastic coasters, round. Blue or white with opposite colored stars. In clear plastic case. 3½" diam. x ¼"h 1970's
  6 Bamboo coasters with gold cording edge. Colored paper underneath. Handmade. 4" diam x ½"h 1970's +
  6 Woven straw sleeves, with appliquéd plastic fruit. ½" diam x 5½"h 1960's +

Cocktail Shakers

  1 Clear glass with handcut line detail. Plain aluminum cap (missing small cap which covers pourspout). 4" diam x 8"h 1920's
  1 Aluminum tapered cylinder, with raised dividers. "Kraftware". 4'h" x 13"h 1950's
  1 Chrome cylinder with black horizontal stripes. Art Deco styling. Has patent numbers on bottom. 4" diam x l 1¼"h 1950's
  1 Clear glass with all-over dark green and white rounded lattice pattern. Gold-tone cap. 3¼" diam x 10"h 1960's


  2 Glass, square, with diamond-cut pressed pattern. Fit into below silverplate holder. 3½"x 3¼ "x 9¾"h traditional
  1 Holder with above two decanters. Silverplate, with filigree horizontal band. (Price includes decanters). 3¾" x 7¼" x 11"h traditional
  1 Glass, oval, with molded pattern. "James E. Pepper". 5" x 3" x 11"h 1940-60's
  1 Glass, square with molded pattern., with globular stopper. 3½" x 3½" x 9"h 1960's traditional
  1 Glass, round, with worn gold trim on narrowed neck. 4½" x 10¾"h 1960's
  1 Glass, round, with six pressed faces in sides. 5"diam x 9¾"h 1960's
  1 Glass, round pressed diamond-cut, flared base, with silverplate pitcher-style. 6" diam x 14½"h lid.

(3" diam. top)

1970's +

Drinkware, Beer Mugs and Steins

  2 Beer stein. Ceramic, with beige handle, with iridescent band at top and bottom. German scenes. 3½" dim x 4½"h( plus handle) traditional
  1 Beer stein. Ceramic, with grey handle. Couple walking. 3½" diam x 5¼"h traditional
  1 Beer mug. Pressed glass. Plain top, diamond-cut bottom. 3½" x 5½"h 1940's +
  1 Beer stein, cast pewter. Emblem: "Great Gorge, New Jersey." 4¼"diam x 5"h 1970's +

Drinkware, Non-stemware

  4 High-ball. Plastic, with faceted sides. Has fake "drinks" to match. 3¾"diam x 3¾"h 1980's
  6 High-ball. Plastic cylinder, with swirled fluted inside pattern. 3¼" diam x 4"h 1980's+
  4 Lo-ball. Plain glass with diamond-cut bottom. "Luminarc". 3¼" diam. x 3¼"h traditional
  3 Lo-ball. Dark green glass. Round top, four-sided bottom. 3¼" x 3¼"h 1960's
  8 Lo-ball, tapered to bottom. Glass, with wheel-cut "leaves". 3"diam. x 3½"h 1960-70's
  5 Lo-ball. Glass, black smoke color, tapered to bottom. 3'/4" diam x 3'/2"h 1970's

Drinkware, Souvenir

  1 Mug; brown glass with metal rings, wooden handle. Picture of gun and holster. 3" diam x 5¼"h

(plus handle)

  2 Mug, glass, boot-shaped molded glass. One has "Annie Get Your Gun" logo. 4" x 6" x 6½"h 1960's +
  1 Beer Stein. Aluminum, with clear plastic bottom. Etched "Playboy Club" logo. 4" diam x 5"h 1970's
  1 Hurricane Goblet. "Underground Atlanta; The Burning of Atlanta", in black. 3¼" diam x 8½"h 1970's
  5 Glass tapered cylinder on short stem, with red logo. "Dante's Down the Hatch". Each glass a different year. 3" diam x 5"h 1973, 1978, 1980,

(2) 1981-82

  2 Hurricane Goblet. "Pat O'Brien's, New Orleans, LA", in green. 3½" diam x 10"h 1970-80's
  1 Hurricane Goblet. "Peachtree Plaza Hotel; The Sundial", in black. 3½" diam x 10"h 1970-80's
  1 Hurricane Goblet. "Capt. Anderson's Restaurant; On Grand Lagoon, 1980" in blue. 3" diam x 10"h 1980
  4-8 Hurricane Goblet. Misc. styles. misc. 1970's +

Drinkware, Stemware

  1 Goblet. Glass with silvertone coating. Embossed grapes and leaves. 3½" x 4¾"h traditional
  9 Goblet, pewter. Plain style, heavy-duty.   any
  1 Goblet, pewter. Irish/celtic motif.   any
  3 Goblet, silver-plated. Simple style.   any
  1 Goblet, silver-plated. Similar to above pair of goblets. Some flaking of plating. Thin border around lip. In fair condition.   any
  2 Goblet, brass. Short stem.   any
  6 Liqueur glass. Blue glass bowl with silvertone filigree base-stem. One has invisible crack. 2" diam x 3¾"h traditional
  6 Liqueur glass. inverted triangle bowl. Stem has angular bulge. 3" diam x 5¼"h traditional
  2 Liqueur glass. Brass, with silverplate lining. 2" diam x 4¾"h traditional
  3 Liqueur glass. Emerald green bowl with clear short stem & base. 2¾"diam x 3¾"h 1940-50's
  3 Liqueur glass. Minimal stem, deep bowl. Plain lead crystal. 2¼" diam x 3½"h 1960's
  4 Water glass, plain. Stem has globular bulge. 3½"diam x 6¼"h 1960's +

Ice Buckets

  1 Clear glass bucket shape, with "bucket"- style molded detailing. Silverplate handle. 5¾" diam x 5¼"h 1930's
  1 Clear glass bucket shape. Fan and arc pattern molded detailing. Silverplate handle. 6¼" diam x 5¾"h 1930's
  1 Clear glass bucket shape. Diamond-cut molded detailing, with scalloped top edge. No handle. 6½" diam x 5½"h 1930-40's
  1 Tongs for ice buckets above. Stainless steel. 6"l 1930's +
  1 Ceramic "bucket" Shaped and colored like a wooden bucket. 8½" diam x 9¼"h 1960's
  1 Knight's helmet. Antiqued metal. with plastic liner.    1960's
  1 Aluminum, embossed hammered pattern. "Made in Italy". Has dent on one side. 6½" diam x 7"h 1950's
  1 Aluminum, plain. Lucite handle, knob. "Kromex". 8" diam x 8"h 1950's
  1 White vinyl with artsy grass, flowers. White plastic lid. 7¾" diam x 10¼"h 1970's
  1 Clear lucite, shaped like traditional champagne bucket.    1990's +
  1 Clear lucite, flower-pot shaped.    1990's +


  1 Chrome bar-top unit, with black faux-leather wrap. "Bar Set". Handle on each end. Includes built-in ice bucket with chrome lid, glass decanter with gold tracery and chrome cap. Built-in musical mechanism plays "How Dry I Am" when decanter is lifted. 12" x 6¼" x 9½"h 1960's
  6 "Cocktail Sippers". Plastic straws, topped by pink plastic penises. Six, in original packaging. Rents as unit. One available for rental. Straw: 5½"l

3" x 7" x 1"

1970's +
  2 Pocket flask, silverplate. Hammered finish.   1900
  2 Jug, moonshine style. Ceramic, with beige matte glaze below, and brown glossy glaze above. One is marked "Western Stoneware." 7" diam x 10"h 1860's +
  1 Pourer, chrome oval. One available for rental. 1¾" x 3"h 1950's
  6 Pourer. Clear sphere with red neck, lip. "Syphon Jigger" 2" diam. 1950's
  1 Seltzer bottle. Gold sandy finish, black top. 4" diam x 12¼"h 1960's
  CO2 Cartridges for seltzer bottle.    




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