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Thoroughly Modern Millie
Thoroughly Modern Millie vintage typewriter royal 1930s

Vintage Typewriters - 1930's vintage Royal, Remington, & Underwood typewriters. Similar styles but not identical. Qty - 11

Approx - 16"w x 15"d x 9"h

Thoroughly Modern Millie vintage typewriter underwood 1930s

Thoroughly Modern Millie  replica candlestick telephones 1920s 1930s

Thoroughly Modern Millie luggage vintage

Thoroughly Modern Millie brass mail box units
Replica Candlestick Telephones - 1920's - 1930's vintage telephones - push button keys appear to be dial from audience. Qty - 11 - 12" h x 6"d

Luggage - Vintage luggage for Millie's trip to the big city. Qty - 5

Brass Mail Box Units - approx. 40 lbs., keys available if needed - 12 small boxes, 2 medium boxes - 26" h x 23" w x 15" d

Thoroughly Modern Millie bug sprayers Miss Dorothy minions

Thoroughly Modern Millie bug sprayer Miss Dorothy minion

Thoroughly Modern Millie gas mask Miss Dorothy minions

Bug Sprayers - assorted bug sprayers for Miss Dorothy's minions. Qty - 5

Lg Orange is 18" l x 6" d barrel

Bug Sprayers - XL bug sprayer for Miss Dorothy's minions. Qty - 1 - 30" long

Gas Masks - for Miss Dorothy's minions - over the top touch. Qty- 3

Thoroughly Modern Millie laundry cart large vinyl

Thoroughly Modern Millie laundry cart canvas

Laundry Cart - Large vinyl, also one other vinyl cart in between size of large cart and canvas cart - Qty - 2 - 54" l x 38" w x 37" h

Laundry Cart - canvas with wood base and casters - Qty - 1 - 36" l x 29" w x 27" h

Jail Keys - Qty - 2 - 10"
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