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Button pillow vintage red loveseat
sofa victorian setee vintage pink
sofa chaise lounge settee setee furniture tufted green
Loveseat - Vintage Button Pillow - 54" l x 28" d x 37" h
Sofa - Victorian setee with wood accents - 1880's - 1920's. 63" l x 30" d x 36" h
Sofa - Fainting Couch/Chaise Lounge - Light weight - tufted green fabric. 80" l x 33" d x 36" h
sofa furniture empire maroon vintage
modern beige sofa furniture

sofa vintage cream furniture

Sofa - empire sofa, deep rich maroon fabric, refurbished. 79" l x 32" d x 29" h

Sofa - contemporary, light weight, beige or sage green. 82" l x 33" d x 35" h

Sofa - Vintage Cream with wheels.

sofa furniture white wicker
sofa furniture wicker blue seat cushion floral

sofa furniture green

Sofa - White cushioned sofa with bamboo frame accents. 88"l x 35"d x 28" h
Sofa - floral print seat cushion and bollard - good condition. 70"l x 36"h x 31"d. Click here for more Wicker Furniture.

Sofa - Art Deco with fringe to the floor - textured patterns. 77" l x 36" d x 30" h

sofa furniture love seat red blue beige paisley
sofa furniture wood brass 1980s
sofa furniture love seat blue cushions pillows contemporary wood
Sofa / Love Seat - formal paisley pattern. 75" l x 38" d x 38" h
Sofa - 1980's plush with wood/brass trim, matching love seat available, 79" l x 38" d x 37" h.
Sofa / Love Seat - contemporary love seat loose cushions for back support, barrel wood feet. 72" l x 40" d x 37"h
sofa furniture love seat 1980s wood brass trim


Love Seat - 1980's plush with wood/brass trim, matching sofa available. 56" l x 38" d x 37" h


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