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1920's Jazz Speakeasy Props

1920's Jazz Speakeasy barrels whiskey pine wood
1920's Jazz Speakeasy barrel cask oak aged wood
1920's Jazz Speakeasy claw footed clawfoot bath tub bathtub porcelain

Barrels (whiskey) - stained pine barrels of various colors. Qty 20 - 30"h x 19"d

Barrels (casks) Oak casks - aged appearance. Qty 2 - 43" h

Clawfoot Bathtub - authentic clawfoot bathtub made of porcelain. 5' long

1920's Jazz Speakeasy big band style music stand plexiglass white black
1920's Jazz Speakeasy giant cake popout pop-out

1920's Jazz Speakeasy cafe table wrought iron cafe table

Big Band Style Music Stand - Matte Black with white plexiglass inset panel in front. Panel can be back lit, gelled, or adorned with a silhouette logo. Logo not included - shown as example. Qty 2 - 37" h x 28" w

Giant Cake - Cake for flapper girls to "pop" out from - 5' d x 6' h

Cafe Tables - Wrought Iron table - foldable, red checked tablecloths available also. Qty 3 -28" d x 27" h

1920's Jazz Speakeasy green chalkboard whiteboard light oak frame wheels stand

1920's Jazz Speakeasy lighting floor lamp black wrought iron oval shade

1920's Jazz Speakeasy cigarette girls tray black leather

Chalkboard - Light oak frame, green chalkboard on wheels (back is whiteboard) - 6' h x 4'w

Floor Lamp - black wrought iron with oval shade - 6' h

Cigarrette Girl Trays - with black leather strap, black. Qty 3

1920's Jazz Speakeasy piano life size wood
1920's Jazz Speakeasy green dark fringe sofa art deco
1920's Jazz Speakeasy victorian setee with wood accents pink rose
Piano - life size piano, insides removed to reduce weight, Keys still function, but it makes no sound - 62" l x 52" h x 28" d
Sofa, Art Deco - Dark Green with green fringe - 77" l x 36" d x 30" h
Sofa - Victorian setee with wood accents. 1880's-1920's - 63" l x 30" d x 36" h
1920's Jazz Speakeasy victrola grammophone dark wood brass horn maroon turntable record music
1920's Jazz Speakeasy door sliding peep hole
1920's Jazz Speakeasy candlestick reproduction telephones phones black
Victrola - reproduction gramophone. Dark wood case with solid brass horn, maroon flocked turntable. Crank Powered and it does work.
Speakeasy Door - Door with sliding peep hole - 7' h
Telephones - reproduction candlestick phones. Qty 10
vinyl records music 1920s speakeasy victrola gramaphone record music 78rpm 78 rpm
78 RPM Records - various artists
vinyl records music 1920s speakeasy victrola gramaphone record music 78rpm 78 rpm
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