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Event Gallery - Our Props in Action

These are just a few of the many ways our props have been used.

If you've used our props for an event, we'd love to have some photos. (We'll give you as much or as little credit as you'd like.)  We'll accept any format - digital or paper.

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parade float
Parade float for Atlanta Pride Weekend


Exhibit Boards
Exhibit Boards for Human Rights display for Atlanta Pride


Corn Stalks and Split Rail Fence and Yellow Brick Road
For this client, we used our cornstalks and split-rail fencing, added straw, and created the custom Yellow Brick Road to create this trade-show booth.  As the Road meandered through the booth, multiple video screens explained the benefits of the company.  Pharmaceutical tradeshow.


Yellow Brick Road from Wizard of Oz
Our Yellow Brick Road featured here at the Georgia State Botanical Gardens.


We added longer crossbars to our streetlights, to which the client hung the red, white, and blue banners.  For the 2000 Baseball All-Star Game.


Here the streetlights had brackets to hold street signs. A light can hold multiple sign brackets.


Corral Entrance Ranch Sign
Corral entrance way used during the Clemson Roundup at Clemson University.


Tiki Hut
Our Tiki Hut with Parrot set up at a Local Bridal Show - Summer 2007.


Game Show Team Podium
Here we have our podiums used for a game show at a corporate meeting.


Giant Throne
One of our extra large thrones used at birthday party.
Tropical and Beach prop scene
Palm trees, beach umbrella, surfboard, "wave" enhanced a display for the regional meeting of a national bank.
Ms Santa's Kitchen
Mrs. Santa's Kitchen
Assorted Western and Period Props arranged
Our luggage, buckets, and barrels were added to the client's cart, to create a "train station".  L'Oreal annual meeting.

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