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Event Gallery - Our Props in Action

These are just a few of the many ways our props have been used.

If you've used our props for an event, we'd love to have some photos. (We'll give you as much or as little credit as you'd like.)  We'll accept any format - digital or paper.

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car back seat prop
Back Seat built for Grease for Riverwood HS in Sandy Springs, Ga


Harpsichord built for Amadeus for Brookwood HS in Snellville, Ga


Atlanta Skyline
Atlanta Skyline - 7' x 16' - for Album Debut Party


XL Throne
NHL All Stars were in Atlanta. The NHL had them photographed in All About Props XL Throne.


olympic torch
Torch built for event in San Antonio, TX


Thespian Conf 2008
All About Props booth at Thespian Conference 2008 at Mt. Zion HS


Giant Letter N
Giant Letter U
Giant 10' Letters for Metro Youth Church Group


Paris Scene
paris scene 2
Paris skyline at Dusk on 8' x 8' theatrical flat for local party.


Stained Glass Windows
Stained glass window arches on rolling wagons. One 12 foot window, two 10 foot windows, and two 8 foot windows used at a Metro Atlanta church.


Lion Witch and Wardrobe
Parkview HS production of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.


Giant Raffle Drum
Giant Raffle Drum built for Ga Dome Event.


Raffle Drum Turning
Round and Round it goes, where it stops .....


Stained Wooden Arches
These 16 foot arches on rolling wagons were used at a metro Atlanta church.


Blue Willow Inn Thanksgiving
Blue Willow Inn located in Social Circle, Ga does Thanksgiving in the Pilgrim style with help our props.


Giant Birthday Cake for Popping Out like Singing in the Rain
Our giant cake, which you can pop out of, being used for the corporate party of MDA. Our current re-designed cake give you more room for customized signage.


Beach props setup at a Corporate Party at the Georgia Aquarium featuring an umbrella, folding beach chairs, fish netting and a tropical bird.


Our beach style lifeguard chair on display at the Georgia World Congress Center.


Audrey II Puppet #3 in Little Shop of Horrors
Audrey II Puppet for Little Shop of Horrors
A recent Little Shop of Horrors production used our set of Audrey II puppets.

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