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Event Gallery - Our Props in Action

These are just a few of the many ways our props have been used.

If you've used our props for an event, we'd love to have some photos. (We'll give you as much or as little credit as you'd like.)  We'll accept any format - digital or paper.

Click here to see; Corporate Event Props, Custom Built Props, Educational Theatre Props, Tropical Props, Pirate Props, Western Props, and Christmas Props in use.


Lockers used TV Commercial shoot


Western Corral Entrance
Employee Appreciation Party in Dunwoody


tiki hut entrance
Tiki Hut Entrance to Hotel Ballroom


Sarcophagi at Party
Egyptian Litter
Egyptian Props at Sweet 16 Party


Tiki Hut
New Tiki Hut Roof at Subdivision Party in Suwanee


corral scene
table top decor
Tenant Appreciation Party in DT Atlanta


giant toothbrush
Giant Toothbrush for Dental Clinic opening in Washington DC


party props
party props
flower props
Benches, Trees, Flowers, Pirate Props for Wedding Reception


poseable dummy
Our poseable cloth dummy "Bob" playing the part of Homer in Instant Theatre production in Highlands, NC. "Bob" is on the left.


ostrich feather fans
Ostrich Feather Fans built for Chicago for Heritage HS


Jukebox with lights for All Shook Up


Atl Film Festival Premier
Atl Film Fest Gathering
Atl Film Fest Gala
Our Atlanta Skyline at Atlanta Film Festival Premiere Events


Traffic Light on pole
Working, Sequencing Traffic Light @ Traffic Theme Party


Paris at Prom
Street Lights
Miller Grove HS prom at GWCC


donkey patriotic
elephant patriotic
Foam Animals made for an Election Year Convention Tour!


victorian chair
Restored Victorian Chair


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