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Event Gallery - Our Props in Action

These are just a few of the many ways our props have been used.

If you've used our props for an event, we'd love to have some photos. (We'll give you as much or as little credit as you'd like.)  We'll accept any format - digital or paper.

Click here to see; New Props, Corporate Event Props, Custom Built Props, Educational Theatre Props, Tropical Props, Pirate Props, Western Props, Egyptian Props, and Christmas Props in use.


arabian nights
egyptian props
crown jewely
XL Throne
greco roman props
angel statuary
coat of arms
Props from the Shane Garner Collection


Circus Wagon
Sylvester the Camel
prop giraffe
circus cannon
Circus Props for HS Prom


Bamboo Flower Props
Bamboo Flower Props
Props for Convention booth Bamboo/Flowers


Garden Scene
Garden Scene
Garden Walk
Garden Scene
City Park Props for Convention Area


Mardi Gras mask
XL 3ft Mardi Gras Mask


Toy Soldier back drop
Christmas Backdrop
Christmas Backdrop Fireplace Scene
Christmas Backdrop
Custom painted backdrops for Santa's Workshop


Tropical Red Carpet event
Red Carpet Walk with a Tropical Touch


Fall Decor Table
Office Decor Harvest Wagon
Apple Bobbing Tub
Fall Props - Office Decor


Halloween props
Halloween Props
Halloween Props - Office Decor


DIFFA Exhibit Props
Western Props arranged and created by Corey McIntosh at DIFFA Atlanta 2009


School Homecoming Dance


School Homecoming Dance


Western Scene Cactus Fencing
Western Stagecoach Scene-Conference Atlanta


Fence Queue Lines
Split Rail Fence for Queue Line - Conference


Benches Western Props
Western Photo Op - Conference DT Atlanta


Western Vignette - Confernce DT Atlanta


Egyptian Props
DBD Events Egyptian Themed Party - DT Atlanta

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