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End of Year 2017 - Page 1

From Top to Bottom - Left to Right

Top Banner Picture / - Doug Ammon, David Gibson, Ted Morrow, Lauren Ammon, Meg Ammon, Sharon Morrow, Bonnie Gibson

2nd Row: 1st Pic - Sharon; 2nd Pic - Nell Stigers; 3rd Pic - Naomi Penton; 4th Pic - Peter Stigers; 5th Pic - Ted

3rd Row: 1st Pic - Amy Hall; Martha Emmons; Katy Stigers; 2nd pic back row - Jake Cullens, Katy Stigers, Pete Stigers, Amy Hall, Hunter Emmons, Ragen, Rachel, Tanner Emmons

middle row - Anne Cullens, David Emmons, Martha Emmons, Sharon Morrow, Jackie Emmons; Floor - Peter Stigers, Nell Stigers, Emily Emmons

Bottom Row: 3rd pic - Anne Cullens, Jake Cullens; 4th pic - Sharon Morrow, Maggie Pentont


End of Year 2017 - Page 2
page 2

From Top to Bottom - Left to Right

Top Left / 1st Pic - Pete Stigers, Nell Stigers, Peter Stigers rafting; 2nd Pic Whirlyball - Back Row - David Emmons, Hunter Emmons, Tanner Emmons, David Gibson, Amy Hall, Anne Cullens, Pete Stigers, Katy Stigers; Middle Row - Jennifer, Martha Emmons, Jackie Emmons, Yasin, Taylor Emmons, Bonnie Gibson, Beth Gibson, Sharon Morrow (holding Bethany Penton), Kelly Hall; Front Row - Rachel, Emily Emmons, Nell Stigers, Peter Stigers, Daniel Penton, Naomi Penton, Maggie Penton, Ted Morrow; Last Picture on Right - Ted Morrow rafting

2nd Row / 1st Pic (small) - Naomi Penton

3rd Row: 1st Pic - Sharon Morrow; 2nd Pic - Daniel Penton, Bethany Penton berry picking; 3rd Pic - Naomi Penton, Anne Cullens, Peter Stigers, Katy Stigers - snow mtn day; 4th Pic -Maggie Penton, Naomi Penton, Bethany Penton; 5th Pic - Anne Cullens NYC marathon

Bottom Banner - Quote at NYC Twin Tower monument