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End of Year 2015 - Page 1
family pics

From Top to Bottom - Left to Right

Top Left - Marta Dunn King, Debbie Van Pelt, David Gibson, Bonnie Gibson, Ted Morrow, Sharon Morrow: 2nd pic - Ted Morrow, Nell Stigers; 3rd pic - Peter Stigers, Sharon Morrow; 4th pic - Nell Stigers;

2nd Row Left - Sunset at Mt Vinson Cemetary; 2nd pic - Martha Nell Emmons, Howard Emmons; 3rd pic - Peter and Nell roasting marshmallows

3rd Row Left - Maggie Penton, Bethany, Martha Nell Emmons; 2nd Pic - Pete Stigers, Peter Stigers, Nell Stigers, Katy Stigers; 3rd Pic - Sharon Morrow, Anne Morrow

End of Year 2015 - Page 2

From Top to Bottom - Left to Right

Top Left - Amy Morrow Hall, Kelly Hall; 2nd Pic; David Emmons, Martha Nell Emmons, Howard Emmons, Sharon Emmons Morrow;

2nd Row - Duke Riddle Morrow; 2nd Pic - Anne Morrow, Jake Cullens; 3rd Pic - Bethany Penton; 4th Pic top - Marta Dunn King, Ted Morrow, Richard Clark, Sharon Morrow; 4th Pic bottom - Ted Morrow; 5th Pic bottom - Naomi, Maggie Penton, Kelly Hall, Amy Morrow Hall

3rd Row - Daniel Penton, Naomi, Bethany, Maggie Penton; 2nd Pic - Peter Stigers, Nell Stigers; 3rd Pic - Brian Work, James Helms, Katherine Kieks (up), Amy Morrow Hall (down), Megan Connor, Kelly Hall, Ted Morrow, Sharon Morrow